Halotherapy Treatment – “Halos” means salt in Greek, and Halotherapy is just that; “salt” therapy. Speleotherapy is the treatment use of caves. Both of these forms of therapy have been practiced for centuries. Halotherapy uses Speleotherapy as the main healing factor via the natural benefits of the salt caves microclimate. Our treatment room is darkened with ambient lighting – allowing for relaxation while inhaling the salt & negative ions in the air – designed to resemble the natural salt caves you would find in Europe. Step inside, sit back & relax enjoying the serenity of meditative music or the gentle rhythmic sounds of your own breath. Take it all in; breathe, relax and rejuvenate. 

Studies have shown that regular treatments may improve the following conditions: Respiratory ailments & lung function (incl. bronchitis, emphysema & asthma), skin conditions (incl. psoriasis, eczema & acne), allergies, sinusitis & ear infections, Cystic Fibrosis, improve blood circulation & lower blood pressure, strengthen immune system & protect against respiratory viruses (incl. the common cold and flu) as well as reduce stress 

$45 single session (45min)      $200 Five sessions      $350 Ten sessions


*Please Note: Clients are advised to seek the approval of their medical professional prior to commencing either of these treatments. 

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