The Treasure Chest

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The ‘past’, in its own funny little way, is quite a controversial and divisive entity. There are those that exalt history’s ability to enlighten the present and illuminate the future, those who glorify what was, simply because it was – perhaps because it no longer is, and can never, truly, once again be, and perhaps because it functions as a figment of our imagination, for our personal memories are our own to invent. Then there are those who believe that the sole charm of the past lies in its state of expiry, those who feel our hearts and minds belong here and now and nowhere else.

And so I suppose as we come to this question of the value of the past, we are indeed asking ourselves – do we wish to focus on what is, or do we wish to indulge in the visions of our imaginations? Must we face reality or may we look for the second star on the right and fly off to Neverland? I argue – we need not arrive at an answer, for there is a time and a place for both.

There is a time and a place to operate sensibly and practically, and, I believe, there must be a time and place to dress up and play make-believe, to live in our own invented fantasy lands. I do hope The Treasure Chest – our collection of romantic relics and cultural artifacts – serves to inspire you, to arouse your creative spirit and ignite your imagination, as you carry on forward, tantalized by your own individual fancied adventures.