Bar Foods

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Available 11:00AM until 11:00PM


Vietnamese Style Lettuce Rolls

          rice paper│fresh mint   12  v


Vegetable Fritti

lightly fried broccolini│avocado│zucchini│artichoke│lemon aioli  13  v


Seafood Fritti

calamari│shrimp│seasonal fresh fish│sea salt│lemon  22



1 doz. seasonal oysters│prosecco mignonette  33


Salmon Carpaccio

dill│capers│lemon│taro chips  16


Antipasto for Two

Local meats and artisanal cheeses

zucchini scapece│breads│complementaries  32


Cheese Plate

Chef’s selection of three cheeses│fresh fruits│honey│crostini  18


Grilled Bison Burger

old cheddar│portobello mushrooms│fixings│fries  19


Grilled Turkey Burger

guacomole│crispy eggplant│hot house tomato│sweet potato fries  16


Macaroni &Cheese

sweet gorgonzola│mascarpone│spicy bread crumbs  16

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