Kosher Dining






Kosher Dinner Menu

Nightly Sunday to Thursday from 5:30pm


Gazpacho and Anadalou Chilled Soup

Antipasto for Two Cured Beef, Cannellini infused Oil Dip, Crostini, Grainy Mustard

Insalata di Pera Asian Pear, Avocado, Arugula, Cherry Tomato, Walnuts, Strawberry Vinaigrette

Beets, Hazelnuts, Gala Appleon a Layer of Iceberg Lettuce

Romaine Caesar Saladwith Crostini

Minced Lamb and Ricestuffed with peppers and zucchini with avocado

Salmon Tartare with olive oil, capers, pine nuts, parsley


Wild Mushroom RavioliFresh Cherry Tomato Sauce, Basil   deduct   $15

  Grilled Rib EyeGreen Pea Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables   add $15

Grilled Breast of Chicken Potato, Seasonal Vegetables tossed in Olive Oil

Grilled Whole European Sea Bass with Grilled Vegetables   add $10

Braised Beef Ribs Slow Cooked Beef Ribs with Pappardelle Pasta

Beef or Turkey Burgerwith Fries   deduct $15


Seasonal Fruit Saladwith Daily Selection of Sorbet

StrawberryMint and Amaretto Granita

 Chocolate Chunk and Walnut Brownie with Cream Anglaise


$75 per person (tax and gratuity is additional)

Kosher Wines


Sparkling                                                                             Btl

Banero, Prosecco, Italy                                                        $55


           Red                       5oz      Bt


Merlot, Don Mendoza Reserve, Argentina               $13      $45

Malbec, Don Mendoza Reserve, Argentina                         $45

Pinot Noir, Pavolino, Veneto, Italy                                       $45

Rosso Toscana, Bartenura, Italy                                          $50

Merlot, Pays D’Oc, Royale, France                                     $55

Pinot Noir, Barkan Classic, Israel                                      $65

Cabernet Sauvignon, Jeunesse, California                       $70

Cabernet Sauvignon, Baron Herzog, California                $75

Merlot, Ben Ami, Israel                                                         $75

Meritage, Château Roc des Moulins, Bordeaux France     $80

Cabernet Sauvignon, Teperberg Vision, Israel                 $80

Shiraz, Barkan Classic, Israel                                             $95


 White                    5oz      Btl


Chardonnay, Terra Vega, Chile                              $12      $40

Sauvignon Blanc, Terra Vega, Chile                                  $40

Chenin Blanc, Baron Herzog, California                             $60

Chardonnay, Baron Herzog, California                               $75

Pinot Grigio, Bartenura, Italy                                               $75

Sauvignon Blanc, Five Stones, Austrailia                          $80

Emerald Riesling, Teperberg, Israel                                   $80


Bar Selection                          1oz


Beefeater Gin                            $11

Stolichnaya Vodka                    $11

Disaronno                                  $13

Crown Royal                              $11

Johnny Walker Red                  $11

Johnny Walker Black                $13

Glenlivet 15                               $18

Glenlivet 18                               $30

Glenfiddich 12                           $18

Glenfiddich 15                           $20

Dalwhinnie 15                            $18

Lagavulin 16                              $25

Guests are welcome to bring their own Wines - $25 Corkage Fee applies




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