ICI Bistro

ICI at the Windsor Arms

For Reservations, please call 416-971-9666. Open Wednesday - Saturday

Cuisine Nouveau Classique


Plateau of Croquettes

Maritime Oysters

Plateau of Charcuterie

(Bayonne Ham, Petit Sale, Pate de Campagne, Foie Gras Torchon, Merguez, Cured Saucisson)

ICI Steak Tartare

Goat Cheese Beurrecks with "Cendrillon" Salad

Crispy Calamari and Advcado Beignet "A La Nicoise"

Lobster Bisque and Cognac Cappuccino, Shrimp Frite

Escargots Vigneronne, Macadamia and Grapes

Trio of Salmon and Hollandaise Salad with Sauce Vierge

Merguez Sausage, St Maure, Potato Gnocchi and Beet Blinis

Duo of Foie Gras with  baby Beets and Rhubarb Confit

Squab, Basil Couscous and Orange Carrot Mousse, Garlic Jus

Market Fish, Lemon Ravioli, Cherry Clams & Acadian Caviar

Scallops & King Crab with Lobster Thermidor

Double Chop of Lamb & Merguez with Whispering Heaven Tea

Duck Magret with Linden Honey  and Kumquats Chutney

Duo of Beef Tenderloin, Cheese's Icons & Potato Croquettes





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