Daily Selection of Hot and Cold Soup   10

Beetricotta cheese│gala apple│walnuts│apple cider vinaigrette   12

Burrata Cheese│heirloom tomato│figs   14

Market Greens Mesclun Salad│lemon vinaigrette  (v)   10

Kale Salad│pine nuts│poached pear│lemon confit│radish   (v)  12

Oysters│daily selection of 6│lemon│horseradish│mignonette   18

Daily Tartare   18

Strawberry Seared Foie Gras│hazelnuts   19


v – vegan


Sea Selections

Lasagnette│lobster│burrata│mushrooms   28

Black Cod Confit   37

Halibut   35

Seafood Platter for Two   70

Catch of the DayWhole Fish Selections

Sea Bream   34   │   Sea Bass   34   │   Red Snapper   37

All fish served with Romanesco Puree, Sauce Vierge, Roasted Potato and Mixed Vegetables


Land Selections

Lamb Duo│lamb noisette│lamb neck│squash   34

Rack of Venison│beets│root gratin   34

8oz Beef Filet│foie gras│mushrooms   42

Chicken Breast Ballotine│mushroom│cipollini onions│carrots│asparagus   26

Mushroom Risotto(v)   22

Polenta Tofu│mushroom│corn│greens (v)   22


v – vegan


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