The Curious Creature Joins us for Afternoon Tea

Posted By: Christine Korda

I’ve always had a great fondness for tea. I still remember peering into our living room as a child and watching the grown-ups take part in what seemed to be a ceremonious occasion. With teacups in hand, they socialized and reminisced about the past as they slowly sipped on the warm brew. Once in a while, someone would notice me eyeing the ceramic pot and gently pour some tea into a saucer so I could partake in the festivities. I became obsessed. Not only did I love the taste, but I was particularly enchanted by the social gatherings; there was something really special about friends coming together to enjoy a pot of tea. So, as many little girls do, I began hosting my own tea parties (naturally, a select group of my stuffed animals were invited)! Flash-forward a couple of decades, and I’m still fascinated by tea culture. So when the Windsor Arms Hotel invited me to indulge in their Afternoon Tea service, I was beyond thrilled.


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