Taking a Road trip with Rover

Posted By: Leslie Wasserman

Traveling with our pets is not always easy.  Especially if he or she weighs more than 100 pounds of cuddles!  He definitely won't fit under the seat of most major airlines.  That's why a road trip is often the only option. Its one thing if you're heading to a cottage.. but what if you've always wanted to visit the city of your dreams?  In this case Toronto?  The good news is that Toronto has lots of beautiful parks and neighbourhoods you can take your dog to. But, any vacation even one you're spending with your furry BFF, demands some time to yourself.  That's where we come in.  The Windsor Arms Hotel is a very dog friendly destination.  Even Rover gets the red carpet treatment here.  Our Conceirge staff will be happy to help arrange dog walking, day care or even a bath for your buddy.   That way you don't have to feel guilty when you're off enjoying that Spa day for yourself..


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