On Location at the Windsor Arms Hotel

Posted By: Leslie Wasserman


It’s a common site all over Toronto. This week I saw a film crew shooting on Hazelton Avenue just up the street from Yorkville.  Rows of orange upside down cones holding parking spots for arriving luxury RV's and big white cube trucks.  It’s the tell tale sign of a movie crew on location.  Muscular men (and women) unloading all types of gear.  From lighting fixtures to furniture, camera equipment to costumes plus lots and lots of other odd looking machinery that helps bring the movie magic to life.

It’s fun spotting famous landmarks on screen.  But, it’s not always as easy to recognize the interior scenes staged to look like someplace all together different.  The Windsor Arms Hotel has been used as a film location for many movies and TV series over the years including 2009's 'Chloe' (seen below).  In fact, we’ve had two different production crews shooting here this week alone.  The uniqueness of the Hotel’s exterior plus the variety of suites and event spaces provides lots of creative choice for any production designer.  With a very discreet and experienced Staff the Windsor Arms Hotel can easily provide VIP treatment and facilitate the rarest of production requests no matter the hour.  And, for the rest of our guests, well, you just never know whom you might run in to during a workout in the gym or over late night drinks in the bar. 




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