Intern Kris’s Second Week With Us

Posted By: Christine Korda

On one of the days during my second week at the Windsor Arms, I got the chance to experience working in the spa.  As soon as I walked into the spa everything felt so calm and soothing, I knew right away that I’d enjoy my days working there. I was welcomed and introduced to Heather who manages the spa at the Windsor Arms. I followed her upstairs as she gave me a tour around the spa. I got to see the various aspects of the spa such as the fitness room, luxury spa room & yoga studio, indoor salt water pool etc. Everything in the spa was just breath-taking and admirable.

I then got to work at the receptionist desk as Heather assigned me a few tasks. I learned quite a few things while I was working, like for instance how to use ResortSuite hospitality software which actually enhanced my computer skills. Answered phone calls but only saying “hello thank you for calling the spa at the Windsor Arms Hotel Kris speaking” right after I gave the phone to Heather because I wasn’t that familiar with booking appointments and answering questions, however I am excited and egger to spend more of my days there learning how things run in the spa. Just experiencing a day at the spa I had gained so much knowledge and I am looking forward to spending more of my days there.

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