Intern Kris’s Fourth Week With Us

Posted By: Christine Korda

My days at the Windsor Arms hotel had been fantastic. I always loved coming in the morning with everyone welcoming me with warm smiles. Throughout the week I would be in different departments of the hotel, such as being in the kitchen baking with the Executive Pastry Rita to being with Christine in the office or attending meetings and spending my days helping out inthe spa department.

The thing I love about being in different departments of the hotel is that I end up learning something new, and not only am I learning I am also enjoying the experience while at it. Most of the employees who work at the hotel inspire me because I see and witness how dedicated they all are to their jobs in order to make the hotel run smoothly. So far being in the Windsor Arms as my placement has brought me closer to what I want to do in the future. I’m looking more into the Tourism and Hospitality field and working towards Hotel management. The Windsor Arms is one of the reasons why I would want to pursue the hotel management field because experiencing and seeing how things run in the Windsor Arms has been very fascinating and is never a disappointment. I am truly blessed to be at the Windsor Arms and so thankful for the people I work with at the hotel for being patient with me and also helping me learn new things. Overall I have already experienced so much from being at the hotel ever since the very beginning of my first day at the hotel and I’ve gained so much knowledge to help me in the future. I got to see what it’s like in the work life after finishing my years at school. I have many opportunities ahead of me and I am looking forward to see what else is in store.

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