Intern Kris’s First Week With Us

Posted By: Christine Korda

Coming to The Windsor Arms Hotel as the first High school student as in intern was quite nerve-wracking, until I got to meet everyone who welcomed me with kind greetings and smiles, all my worries and fears were gone. I had a very diverse and incredible experience with The Windsor Arms so far, and have had the chance to get a fantastic preview of how the hotel runs and the different assigned roles/jobs people work as.

On the First day of my placement I spent the day with Christine Korda who is the Communications and Special Events Director of The Windsor Arms Hotel, she gave me a brief tour around the hotel and introduced me to everyone. During that week I attended one of the few meetings regarding an event that was going to be held at the hotel. One of the major events that was happening that weekend was Converge Toronto. On the day of the event I was invited and had the chance to experience the whole set-up and how everything was established. I saw the various roles that people toke part in to make the event successful. As soon as guests were shortly arriving, and final touch ups were being made I got to see the transformation of the courtyard and it was beautiful. Everything seemed to be in place which made it a successful event. Overall my first week at The Windsor Arms I learned so many new things from just my very first day. I am quite excited for the new things in store for me and egger to learn and experience more of the jobs to enhance my interest in the hotel industry.

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