Afternoon Tea – The Windsor Arms Hotel

Posted By: Christine Korda
Things I Love About Afternoon Tea:
  • Getting a little dressed up for the occasion
  • Sitting around a table laid with beautiful china and cutlery
  • Eating dainty pastries and delicious scones
  • Contemplating the correct way to pronounce “scones” (s-KOHNs? s-KAHNs?)
  • Speaking in hushed tones and feeling very important. Pinkies raised.
  • Ordering champagne in the middle of the afternoon, to accompany the tea.
  • Perhaps getting a little tipsy and no longer speaking in hushed tones, but still feeling very important
  • Eating one too many skahns, and no longer feeling very important, but feeling very full
  • Feeling very full, while still continuing to finish off those pastries (it’s afternoon TEA, it hardly counts as a meal!)
  • Shopping Exercise is now necessary – perhaps walking from the tea room to the shops?

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