Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Arms Hotel

Posted By: Christine Korda
Oh afternoon tea…I can honestly say that you are one of my most favourite things ever. There’s just something about meeting up with my girlfriends over a pot of steaming hot tea and a serving tray full of delicious baked goodies that brings out a feeling of instant happiness. Now I’ll be honest, when it comes to afternoon tea, I’ve yet to indulge in one that I haven’t enjoyed. BUT, I definitely do have my absolute favourites of all time (stay tuned to future blogs for the other!).
The Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, Ontario is a gorgeous, cozy, historic hotel steps from the glamourous Bloor/Yorkville shopping district. While it may be difficult to think of a hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto as ‘cozy’, the moment you step through the doors of this beautiful boutique hotel, you feel transported back to the glamour of the 1920’s. The hotel is refreshingly on the smaller side in terms of guest rooms, which makes the whole location seem intimate and inviting. Read More
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